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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cyber security market in India will face a huge manpower shortage

Cyber security market in India will face a huge manpower shortage

By analyzing the cyber security job market from 2014 to the mid of 2015 experts have projected that there will be a huge shortage of experienced security professional in the year 2019 in the Indian and worldwide cyber market.

Cyber security professionals demand is expected to increase by 6 millions worldwide said by the CEO of Symantec one of the worlds biggest security software developer/supplier.
Due to the increase in cyber breach each and every year the same figures in reflected in the CISCO Annual security report 2014.

In the US Best job to do report cyber security has been considered as the best job for the next seven years to come can be understood form the shortage of the cyber security workforce shortage.

Now, you can easily guess that a workforce shortage means a healthy salary package. In an IT report it says that the top five IT security experts salary are 1. Lead software security engineer at $233332, 2. chief security officer at $255550, 3. Information security director at $201000, 4 CIS officer at $195100 and 5 security director at $165220.

Computer Emergency Response Team India in short CERT-In is a  organization that handles cyber security issues, it provides training to young engineers for the future.

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Steam's password recovery bug fixed which allows anyone to hack accounts

steam password recovery bug hacking

Valve has fixed an issue that allowed Steam accounts
to be hacked by anyone and it does not requires 
and coding skills.

Cyberspace's most well known gaming platform STEAM has recently a security break which allows hackers to steal user's passwords.

You want to hack a user's password in the website, its very easy with only the user's username, a hacker/attacker could retrieve it and with what its designer Valve mentioned as a 'bug' in the forget your password widget.

The gamers who play games at the steam website may well know that if you forget your password and you want to retrieve it back then the website requires you to enter your username, phone number or e mail address and then you receive an email what has a set of codes and information to reset your password.

The designer Valve has fixed an issue that allowed Steam accounts to be hacked by anyone and it does not requires and coding skills. The hacking was made possible by a bug in the password reset form, which didn't include a checking procedure before redirecting users to a new page.

The security issue was first reported by one of fellow gamers in the site.

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New Wi-Fi chips are three times faster.

new wi-fi microchips are three times faster than the old one
New Wi-Fi Microchips that will save your smartphone battery will hit the market soon(Pic from Internet)

You need to charge your android smartphone less.

Scientists, from NASA and University of California have jointly developed a "Wi-Fi Microchip" that uses less power than the traditional devices available in the market and the new "Wi-Fi microchip" has a major application in wearable devices.

Now what are wearable devices?

wearable devices pictures
Picture form Internet.

Wearable devices are clothing or fashion wear and accessories incorporating advanced computer technology. In short it is a smart device.

With the new technology the power required to transmit and receive data from a wearable device to a computer or smartphone were hevealy reduced and the researchers said by this reduction the users will get additional powers that could save the battery life of their smartphone and have to recharge their smartphone less.

The technology will transmit data three times faster than the regular Wi-Fi.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Deadly computer virus threat in India

golroted spyware, internet spyware, email virus, banking malware
Virus detected in system.(Pic form the Internet)

Deadly computer virus may hit banking and email in India.

INDIAN cyber security investigators have alerted Internet users about the destructive phishing attacks by a virus which could steal personal email and banking related data. The virus, known as ‘Golroted’, belongs to the ‘Trojan’ category of computer viruses which is characterized by its smart capability of hiding its original content and looking like new/unique. The virus has been reported as a variant of a new malware family, known as Golroted. 

The virus have special spyware functionality and are spreading worldwide very fast. 

email virus, email spyware image,
Malware (Pic from the Internet)


These malware typically spread through phishing emails and shaving attachments as compressed archives or Microsoft Office documents or via pen drives, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) declared in a latest news to domestic Internet users. The CERT-In is the primary agency to combat hacking, phishing and to neutralize security related defenses of the Indian Internet domain. They said, once the virus enters a system successfully, it is capable of stealing all Personal Identifiable Information from the affected machine and that includes computer name, local date or time, Internet Protocol address, installed anti virus software, among other private/personal and important system details.

  •  Suggested Tip - Never allow administrative access to systems while using the internet.

The virus is malicious for undertaking specific attacks with related to banking and money transactions, therefore leading to loss of funds kept in the bank accounts.“Golroted is reported as targeting banking sites, online money payment sites, email accounts, social networking sites among others. The stolen information is send to a pre-configured File Transfer Protocol server or to email addresses as attachments,” agency said. The agency said minimum two names or same identities of the said virus have been detected till date. “The spyware is capable of recording key strokes, capture screen shots, crawl web browsers for saved passwords, browser history etc,” they said. 

The experts has suggested some fighting measures in this issue.

Never allow administrative access to systems while using the internet, do not download or open attachment in emails received from untrusted sources or unexpectedly received from trusted users, never access untrusted websites and always enable system firewall at gateway or in your desktop machine. The agency also said that targeted systems which the virus could attack, should install and scan anti malware software and keep them updated.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Which Android Smartphone Should you Buy?

Fairly the question "which android smartphone to buy?" is very tenacious to answer. Nevertheless the same question popped in my mind when my old smartphone suddenly stopped working without any reason. I started searching in Google to find the best android smartphone that i can buy within my tight budget.

Which Android Smartphone Should you Buy?
After i entered my search keyword Google returned me some good pages and articles written by industry experts about smartphone technical features their price, battery life, camera quality etc. But i decided by myself what i need in my new smartphone. Should i need more battery life? or do i need a smartphone powered by heavy graphics hardware?( Generally a first option for a video game lover or a photography fanatic), because both video games and digital photography requires a good graphics hard ware along with a superb quality lens.

As i remembered one incident with my previous android smartphone that the battery suddenly dropped to 3% when i needed the phone most and later i discovered that my smartphone's battery rating is only 1000 mAh and display size of the smartphone is 5 inches, bigger your display bigger is your battery ratings. Before you buy your next android smartphone you should always check the battery ratings.

               Tips  - For a 5 inches display battery rating should be above 1500 mAh.

Now, if you are a movie buff and like to watch movies while you are in bus or in metro or in your mundane classes your battery ratings should be on the higher side relative to the display size you are choosing/using.

I love to play video games ,Which android smartphone should i buy?

Yes it is true. I love playing games in my smartphone and my favorite is Hill climb racing. and i know that you also want to play your favorite games in your new smartphone. To experience the best gaming experience in Android you need to check the clock speed of your smartphone's processor and the RAM provided by your smartphone manufacturer. Before you buy your new android smartphone remember one thing there there is nothing wrong with the name or brand you are using the only thing matters is your android smartphone's configuration. So, you should always check your new android smartphone's technical specifications don't go with the looks.

               Tips - For best graphics and gaming go for higher RAM.

Suppose two smartphones of same brand, same display size and powered by same 1.2 GHz dual core processor but with different RAM capacity the smartphone with lower RAM will run slow and blow the game plying experience.

You want to stay online 24x7?, Now which android smartphone should you buy?

battery ratings for android smartphones

We all want to stay online in Facebook or any other social networking sites/applications. Now you have purchased an unlimited 3 G internet pack form your mobile service provider for a month and want to stay connected or download as much as you can, but you are unsatisfied as your smartphone comes to down to 5% battery signal after every 3 hours of charging. Before you buy your android smartphone you should 

             Tips - Go for battery ratings more than 1800 mAh for long time internet connectivity.

check the battery ratings if the manufacturers battery ratings is less than 1500 mAh don't go for that brand/model. Select a smartphone which have a minimum battery ratings of 1800 mAh.

After following this steps i have purchased my new smartphone smartly and i am fully utilizing the power of android, If you have more queries regarding which android smartphone to buy? ask me in the comments.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Best Smartphone of 2014 in India

Moto X

The Best Smartphone of 2014 in India is definitely Motorola`s Moto X. This review is based on the price, performance, consumer reviews, when you dig deep into the various smartphones that launched in 2014 and their sales figures Indian manufacturers can not even come close, Samsung and Motorola hugely captured the market now Samsung`s Galaxy Grand is main competitor of Moto X then..

How did Moto X become the best smartphone of 2014 in India? 

Moto X is always ready to tell you what you need to know. You don't even have to press buttons because it works on simple gestures. Suppose you need to Google something just say "Ok Google the name you want to search" bingo. The phone executes a series of commands for you in the background and displays you the results. Its quick capture camera is one of the main feature that made Moto X the best smartphone of 2014 in India, to take a picture just twist your wrist twice and touch anywhere in the screen to shoot. Its unbeatable hardware configuration powered by 1.7 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and  4.7 inches AMOLED 720 Px HD display can't be resisted by any smartphone lover. Price starts from Rs. 23,999 on wards.

So in other words Moto X is the best smartphone of 2014 in India. 

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Top 5 Smartphones in India under Rs 9000

Top 5 Android Smartphones in India

Top 5 Smartphones in India under Rs 9000 is a very debatable topic in the competitive smartphones market. Now the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 is one of the best selling android smartphone in India for 2014 segmented under the Rs 9000 price tag. The company is trying very hard to cope up the production vs market demand graph and we know the fact that hot business is never unnoticed by competitors, so to beat the market competition Motorola launched the Moto E android smartphone with a much reduced price and within the first week of its launch the sales figures hits very hard the Samsung marketing gurus. Noticing the success of Moto E Indian smartphone maker Micromax launched its Canvas 2 colors A120 model with a dashing 8 MP primary camera and 2 MP secondary camera but due to the 7000+ price tag the sales figures are not very satisfying but survived in the market well. Asus one of the top manufacturers of computer motherboards launched its ASUS Zenforce 4 A400CG with an unbeatable price tag of Rs 5,999 only technically the smartphone dose not have any special features when compared with the Samsung, Motorola or Micromax. Though the smartphone market is highly inclined towards the android platform but Microsoft lovers still find its best. The Nokia (Now a Microsoft brand) Lumia 520 powered by Microsoft Windows phone 8 OS is beating the market very well and satisfied the smartphone lovers.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Let us start with the features of Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Display - 4 inch 480 X 800 Pixels WVGA Screen.
Camera - Primary 5 MP and 0.3 MP Secondary.
Battery - 1500 mAh, Talk time 8 Hours (3G).
Memory & Storage - 4 GB internal expandable upto 64 GB, 717 MB RAM.
Internet & Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
OS - Android v 4.2
Price - Rs. 8,500.

Motorola Moto E

One of best with respect to features when compared with price.

Motorola moto E

Display - 4.3 inch 960 X 540 Pixels qHD screen.
Camera - 5 MP primary camera, no secondary camera.
Battery - Li-Ion 1980 mAh.
Memory & Storage - 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal memory expandable up to 32 GB.
Internet & Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
OS - Android v 4.4
Price - Rs. 6,999.

ASUS Zenforce 4

Designed to beat the competition with a low price, features not satisfying.

Asus Zenforce 4

Display - 4 inch 480 X 800 Pixels WVGA screen.
Camera - 5 MP primary and 0.3 MP secondary camera.
Battery - 1600 mAh.
Storage & Memory - 8 GB internal expandable up to 64 GB, 1 GB RAM.
Internet & Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
OS - Android v 4.3 up gradable to v 4.4.
Processor - 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z2520 dual core processor.
Price - Rs. 5,999.

Micromax Canvas 2 colors A120

Micromax canvas 2 colors A120


Display - 5 inch 1280 X 720 HD Screen.
Camera - 8 MP primary & 2 MP secondary.
Battery - 2000 mAh.
Storage & Memory - 4 GB internal expandable upto 32 GB, 1 GB RAM.
Internet & Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
OS - Android v 4.2
Processor - 1.3 GHz quad core.
Price - Rs. 7,390.

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

Display - 4 inch 800 X 480 Pixels WVGA screen.
Camera - 5 MP primary, no secondary.
Battery - 1430 mAh.
Storage & Memory - 8 GB internal expandable up to 64 GB, 512 MB RAM.
Internet & Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
OS - Microsoft Windows v 8.
Processor - 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core.
Price - Rs. 7,499.

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