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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Curved LED TV should you buy one?

Curved LED TV should you buy one?

Getting bored of the flat and falling in love with the curve?

Samsung and LG are quite firm in their belief that curved LED television is the future. But is it really true or is there any concrete scientific fact? or it is just the marketing stunt born from the brainstorming thinking of to be different than others?

Positive side of curved LED TV.

There are many positive facts that you should buy a curved LED TV.

1. Curved TV improves the picture depth quality.

This is one of the main facts of the curved LED TV actually by slightly curving the image forward gives you a vision of depth.

2. You will get a wider view.

Curving the edges of image towards you gives you a feel of wide view. Sketch a line in 42 inch flat LED TV end to end and another line on a 42 inch curved LED TV, the curved line will look wider.

3. Wider effective viewing angle

curved led tv viewing angle

Due to the curving of the edges you will experience a wider angle of view.

4. Great looks

Curved LED TV design ranks no.1 on a typical household TV list.

Negative facts of Curved LED TV

1. High market price.

This is one of the main disadvantages of the Curved LED TV. A typical 42 inch flat LED costs around 55K to 60K whereas a 42 inch curved LED will cost you 1.5 lakhs.

2.Curved screens need to be big.

To get the full viewing experience of curved LED TV you should at least buy a 62 inch.

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