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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Wi-Fi chips are three times faster.

new wi-fi microchips are three times faster than the old one
New Wi-Fi Microchips that will save your smartphone battery will hit the market soon(Pic from Internet)

You need to charge your android smartphone less.

Scientists, from NASA and University of California have jointly developed a "Wi-Fi Microchip" that uses less power than the traditional devices available in the market and the new "Wi-Fi microchip" has a major application in wearable devices.

Now what are wearable devices?

wearable devices pictures
Picture form Internet.

Wearable devices are clothing or fashion wear and accessories incorporating advanced computer technology. In short it is a smart device.

With the new technology the power required to transmit and receive data from a wearable device to a computer or smartphone were hevealy reduced and the researchers said by this reduction the users will get additional powers that could save the battery life of their smartphone and have to recharge their smartphone less.

The technology will transmit data three times faster than the regular Wi-Fi.

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