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Monday, 27 July 2015

Deadly computer virus threat in India

golroted spyware, internet spyware, email virus, banking malware
Virus detected in system.(Pic form the Internet)

Deadly computer virus may hit banking and email in India.

INDIAN cyber security investigators have alerted Internet users about the destructive phishing attacks by a virus which could steal personal email and banking related data. The virus, known as ‘Golroted’, belongs to the ‘Trojan’ category of computer viruses which is characterized by its smart capability of hiding its original content and looking like new/unique. The virus has been reported as a variant of a new malware family, known as Golroted. 

The virus have special spyware functionality and are spreading worldwide very fast. 

email virus, email spyware image,
Malware (Pic from the Internet)


These malware typically spread through phishing emails and shaving attachments as compressed archives or Microsoft Office documents or via pen drives, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) declared in a latest news to domestic Internet users. The CERT-In is the primary agency to combat hacking, phishing and to neutralize security related defenses of the Indian Internet domain. They said, once the virus enters a system successfully, it is capable of stealing all Personal Identifiable Information from the affected machine and that includes computer name, local date or time, Internet Protocol address, installed anti virus software, among other private/personal and important system details.

  •  Suggested Tip - Never allow administrative access to systems while using the internet.

The virus is malicious for undertaking specific attacks with related to banking and money transactions, therefore leading to loss of funds kept in the bank accounts.“Golroted is reported as targeting banking sites, online money payment sites, email accounts, social networking sites among others. The stolen information is send to a pre-configured File Transfer Protocol server or to email addresses as attachments,” agency said. The agency said minimum two names or same identities of the said virus have been detected till date. “The spyware is capable of recording key strokes, capture screen shots, crawl web browsers for saved passwords, browser history etc,” they said. 

The experts has suggested some fighting measures in this issue.

Never allow administrative access to systems while using the internet, do not download or open attachment in emails received from untrusted sources or unexpectedly received from trusted users, never access untrusted websites and always enable system firewall at gateway or in your desktop machine. The agency also said that targeted systems which the virus could attack, should install and scan anti malware software and keep them updated.

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