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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cyber security market in India will face a huge manpower shortage

Cyber security market in India will face a huge manpower shortage

By analyzing the cyber security job market from 2014 to the mid of 2015 experts have projected that there will be a huge shortage of experienced security professional in the year 2019 in the Indian and worldwide cyber market.

Cyber security professionals demand is expected to increase by 6 millions worldwide said by the CEO of Symantec one of the worlds biggest security software developer/supplier.
Due to the increase in cyber breach each and every year the same figures in reflected in the CISCO Annual security report 2014.

In the US Best job to do report cyber security has been considered as the best job for the next seven years to come can be understood form the shortage of the cyber security workforce shortage.

Now, you can easily guess that a workforce shortage means a healthy salary package. In an IT report it says that the top five IT security experts salary are 1. Lead software security engineer at $233332, 2. chief security officer at $255550, 3. Information security director at $201000, 4 CIS officer at $195100 and 5 security director at $165220.

Computer Emergency Response Team India in short CERT-In is a  organization that handles cyber security issues, it provides training to young engineers for the future.

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