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Monday, 21 July 2014

Samsung Curved Ultra HD LED TV

Samsung curved ultra HD LED tv
The Samsung curved ultra HD LED television ~ Pic courtesy 

"Well i cant wait to take it home, but alas the price dose not fits my pocket". I know this is what you are thinking like me. Launched in India in June 2014, the Samsung curved Ultra LED TV opens new dimensions in home entertainment. One of my friend in Mumbai purchased this masterpiece last week and in the weekend he invited me in his home for a movie, guys i cant resist share my experience of watching the Hollywood blockbuster movie 2012, its more than what i have enjoyed when i watched it in Inox theaters.If you can spend 450K of hard earned money then this masterpiece is your gadget of 2014.

Price as listed in Samsung website: Rs 4,49,900

(now a small * symbol is also given beside the price tag with content "price subject to change with prior notification").

For more information visit Samsung

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